Housing for Local Culture, Housing for Global Esteem

An Interview with Liu Thai Ker on the development of Singapore by James Schrader

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An interview with Richard Burdett on the development impulse given by the Olympics by Anna Golovkina


An interview with Alexander Rappaport on influence and responsibility of architecture in Moscow to other Russian cities by Dmitry Averyanov

Future Waterfronts

In interview with Martin Joseph Barry on new public spaces by the water by Anna Maikova

Future Settlement

An interview with Vladimir Nikitin on how the human settlements will change by Anna Kamyshan


An interview with Dr. Richard Barbrook on the actuality of past future scenarios by Olena Kovaleva


An interview with Cameron Sinclair on already-existing seeds of the future by Elina Pechonova

3D Printed Cheese Puff & Other Future Food Scenarios

An interview with Nicola Twilley on contemporary tendencies in urban food by Yana Mazol

Slums as Cities of Future

An interview with Robert Neuwirth on what we could learn from the slums by Vera Lukyanovich

The only biennale of urbanism

An interview with Ole Bouman on the Shenzhen Biennale by Olena Grankina

[Watch] Icarus (2017) Full Movie Online

An interview with Feng Feifei on the Chinese way in city planning by Olga Poletkina

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An interview with Matthias Hollwich on the aging of cities by Katy Asinskaya

Architecture and beyond: data, education, culture

An interview with Aaron Betsky on the future of architecture by Sabina Maslova

[Watch] Death Fighter (2017) Full Movie Free

An interview with Marco Casagrande on the significance of ruins by Liva Dudareva

[Watch] Beach Rats (2017) Movie Free

An interview with Vladimir Pirozhkov on the future of transport by Irina Eremenko

The Future City: Lessons from Across the Atlantic

An interview with Emily Badger on the Atlantic Cities project by Martha Coe-Galeotti

Streaming Movie War for the Planet of the Apes (2017) Online

An interview with Vitaliy Kuriennoi by Svetlana Gordienko

City Dwellers as Designers, and the Lost Generation of Architects

An interview with Winy Maas on the future challanges in urban planning by Linda Hoegberg Andersson

Food production in city and urban agriculture

An interview with Dr. Robert Biel on developing agriculture in urban condition by Jurijs Kostirko

Dual India: Smart vs. Slums

An interview with Sujata Patel on the consequences of building smart cities in India by Iana Kozak

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An Interview with Adam Snow Frampton on the future of design at the urban scale by James Schrader

Culture: a goal or a tool of urban policy

An interview with Sergey Sitar on current conditions which shape architecture by MSU student Alena Sosnina

Streaming Detroit (2017) Full Movie Online

An interview with Sergey Tomilov on influence of digital on urban life by Alexander Ayoupov

Printing the future

An interview with Petr Novikov on the new 3D-printing technologies by Georgy Aygunyan

Whom to copy?

An interview with Markus Appenzeller on the Russian way in developing cities by Alina Bibisheva

It’s Hybrid time

An interview with Prof. Elizabeth Sikiaridi and Prof. Frans Vogelaar (Hybrid Space Lab) on integrated approach to city planning by Elena Mazina

One Style Future

An interview with Patrik Schumacher on the new style of future architecture by Luba Russkikh

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An interview with Liam Young on the city in the age of network society by Vitaly Avdeev

[Streaming] First Kill (2017) Full Movie Free

An interview with Arjen Oosterman on the limits of the city by Nicholas Moore

Watch And Download Full Movie Dunkirk (2017)

An interview with Ilya Zavaleev on future green technologies by Pavel Ilyichev

Back to suburbia

An interview with Erik Veldhoen on how digitalisation will change the way we live and work by Steven Broekhof

Streaming Full Movie Ghost Light (2015)

An interview with Bruce Kuwabara on the livability of cities by Sofia Novikova

Cities of the future will be like the village today

An interview with Ivan Goncharov

Streaming Full Movie First Kill (2017) Online

An interview with AbdouMaliq Simone on the cities of the Global South by Eduardo Cassina

Urbanized Landscape

An interview with Kees Christiaanse on the future of urbanisation by Giulio Margheri

De-urbanisation of cities

An interview with Toms Kokins on disappearing Latvian cities by Asen Chumov

Virtual, not so virtual

An interview with Clare Lyster on logistics by Daniele Belleri

Living in permanent modernity

An interview with Alexander D’Hooghe on the condition of the contemporary city by Roel van Herpt

Sulcus Primigenius

An interview with Martino Tattara on the limits of the city by Vlado Danailov


An interview with Robert Kronenburg on future of mobile architecture by Anel Moldakhmetova

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An interview with Dr. Kacper Pobłocki on the current and future condition of post-socialist cities by Yuliana Guseva