Dealing with the Transportation System Consciously

An interview with Oleg Yakovenko by Vyacheslav Istomin


Philosopher and musician Alexander Bard and Swedish writer Jan Söderqvist discuss diminishing power of politicians and increasing influence of networks

Mankind will die without wars

Military drones, the internet and artificial intelligence alter the face of war. How will our cities adapt to new threats?

Art is our only hope

Brain and cognitive science expert Tatyana Chernigovskaya discusses how communication with art can prepare humanity for a symbiosis with gadgets

A City Where Nobody Dies: Mood Elevators, Cryonic Castles and Other Simple Services

Russian writer and futurologist Alexey Turchin on human enhancement, immortality and possible futures

No radical changes expected: automobile industry, politics and the future of mobility

An interview with Paolo Tuminelli on next-generation vehicles and the challenges that prevent their production

Towards a Biomechanical City

An interview with ecoLogicStudio co-founder Marco Poletto on the probability of biomechanized cities

A city that sees you, a city that remembers you

An interview with the executive director of Russian Research Center on the Internet of Things Vadim Chekletsov

Are we taking the opportunities of big data?

An interview with Peter Loukianoff, co-founder of Silicon Valley Data Science company

Social media as a rhizome

An interview with journalist Vladislav Moiseev on the future of social media and its' political influence

Acupuncture for an Elephant. Big Data in Big Cities

Architect Philipp Kats discusses how Big Data is changing city planning

A hallucinogenic copy of reality

An interview with architect William Trossell by Guilherme Vieira on heritage preservation and 3D scanning

Theme Parks Are Prototypes For The Future

An interview with urban planner Sam Gennawey by Rea Dilhoffova

Activating the patient: more involvement, better outcomes

An interview with Dr. Lia Ali by Thomas Clark

Obey. On the flooding surveillance in times of shrinking privacy

An interview with anthropologist David H. Price by by Paul Cetnarski

The One and the Many: Individuals, Cities and the Global Mind

Michael E. Earth on self-driving cars, the end of individuality and New Pedestrianism