Aging in Africa / Hollwich Kushner (HWKN)

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An interview with Matthias Hollwich on the aging of cities by Katy Asinskaya

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An interview with Matthias Hollwich

An interview by Katy Asinskaya

When we talk about cities of the future the conversation immediately starts being either a prediction based on current trends or a dream. We know that technology will bring us to a world from a science fiction book. Even now we have mobile phones, wireless connections, tablets, driver-less cars, smart houses. Very soon we will probably be able to print out houses or even grow them from organic materials. We will be able to be mentally on-line and replace our body parts with robotically assisted devices. Every single one of us can give hundreds examples of what will be available in the relatively near future. We are now living through one of the biggest technological shifts in history and who knows where it will take us.

Nonetheless I can barely give examples of forecasting about the people of the future. It may seem that people are people, with nothing changing with time, but this can hardly be the case. One of the hot trends now is aging, humanity is rapidly getting older, life expectancy is extending. The 21st century will witness even more rapid aging than did the century just past. By the year 2050, for the first time in history, seniors older than 60 will outnumber children younger than 15. And this fact will change life in future cities dramatically, even though we barely think about our later years and the aging topic is in the zone of denial.

Matthias Hollwich has worked for OMA in Rotterdam, and Eisenman Architects and Diller & Scofidio in New York. In 2007 he founded HWKN, an architecture and concept design firm in New York. The range of his projects includes the design of the first retirement community in West Africa, 2 large-scale apartment renovations on New York's Upper East Side, the Favela Formiga Open Air Theatre in Rio de Janeiro, and the reinvention of the city centre of Dessau in Germany. But his real passion is New Aging. Matthias has been working hard on spreading the idea of conscious aging and encourages everyone to think about their later years right now. His speeches at TEDs, PICNIC conference, and the Strelka Institute excited me and brought me to the idea of taking a look at those future cities of olds we will be living in very soon.
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